​If you have skin imperfections, blemishes, or lesions such as skin tags, milia, cholesterol deposits (Xanthelasma), DPN, telangiectasia, solar lentigines, spider veins, ruby points, broken capillaries, syringoma, age spots, sun spots, fordyce spots, hyperpigmentation, seborrheic keratosis, whiteheads, calluses, corns, etc. that frustrate you every time you look in the mirror, at LiLyDermis centre in Calgary we provide the most effective techniques that remove skin lesions easily and permanently. LiLyDermis centre is one of the best medical aesthetics clinics in Calgary NW to remove your skin lesions.

Skin Lesion Removal Techniques at LiLyDermis:

Thermo-Coagulation uses high frequency energy in a very fine and precise way to target and destroy specific tissue. The current is transmitted to the skin using a filament which is directly applied on the area. Thermocoagulation is used to remove superficial skin lesions including skin tags.

Electro-Coagulation or Electrocauterization is used for skin lesion removal and is based on cutting and/or coagulation of the tissue with high frequency alternating current. Our radiofrequency machine produces high frequency radio waves of 4.8 MHz. That means there is no heating of electrodes so there is less risk of scar.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide is for painless removal of superficial spots and lesions. It uses carbon dioxide at -70° C for more gentle freezing of the skin surface, to ensure accurate and complete results and fast healing.

Liquid Nitrogen is a powerful tool for the destruction of shallow or deep skin lesions, using nitrous oxide at -89° C. There is no stress, no pain, and no damage to the healthy tissue.

At LiLyDermis, electrocoagulation, thermocoagulation, Liquid Carbon Dioxide, and Liquid Nitrogen are complete solution for the total removal of any benign skin lesions in one fast treatment session and can be used to treat successfully the following skin conditions:

To learn more about skin lesion removal and the procedures, schedule your free consultation today by contacting LiLyDermis at 587-231-9901 or simply book online through our website.